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Need quality paving & cladding services?

We do domestic, commercial and industrial paving. We work all over South Africa.

Why Choose Masters Paving?

Our paving installations in South Africa create beautiful walkways, driveways and outdoor living areas for your family or business. Let’s discuss what kind of pavers you want for your property.

Paving Design

We provide professional paving designs that complement the entire landscape, as well as the façade of the property.

Paving Repair

We repair chipped, broken, damaged or missing pavers to restore your walkways and patios’ mint condition.


We provide a maintenance programme to keep your pavers pristine and serviceable for many more years.

About us

Considerations When Laying Pavers

Before you give the green light for installing pavers, you have a few decision points to go over.

  • We do domestic, commercial and industrial paving

  • Purpose of the space – Will it be used for entertaining?
  • Will you install outdoor elements like a fireplace or kitchen in the future?
  • Changes in elevation – Will the pavers be level at all points?
  • Will there be slopes and steps?

  • Discuss these matters with our contractors in South Africa during the consultation so that we can make the right preparations in our paving services.


    Below are the services that we offer since 2007


    Covering all types of paving and tiling from small clay pavers to the larger concrete ones, porcelain and ceramic tiles but now days, the team really enjoys laying Stone such as travertine or granite.


    Masters Paving is an established tiling company with more than 35 years experience and a great reputation. Richard has a crew of professional qualified tilers available who are ready to take care of all your tiling requirements.


    We have been painting customer's homes for many years and pay meticulous attention to detail, treating each home as if it was our own.


    We have been painting customer's homes for many years and pay meticulous attention to detail, treating each home as if it was our own.


    Our Waterproofers cover any eventuality so whether you have a flat roof, tiled roof, concrete roof, slate roof or balcony and need expert Waterproofing services,


    Our hard landscaping services incorporate the use of construction materials to improve your garden landscape by design. We now also install top quality garden decking, paving and driveways.

    Our Mission

    Become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations

    Our Plan

    We plan to serve the whole of Southern Africa without limitations "extending beyond boarder"

    Our Vision

    To be the builder of choice for value minded clients and high performing employees.

    Our Care

    We care for all our clients big or small


    Feel free to go through our professional craftsmanship

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